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What is automatic negative star?

What is “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time.” automatic negative 1 star?

Is this process still exists in 2021?

Yes it does. It has always been that way on this site.

If your order goes 24 hours beyond the delivery date (meaning you are VERY LATE) the buyer can then cancel and you get an automatic 1 star or negative review. Even if the buyer doesn’t cancel, the order will be cancelled by the system and you get that negative mark on your profile. Back in the day, before we had the star review system, we only had a Thumbs UP or Thumbs DOWN as a review, and we would get a Thumbs DOWN automatically if we went beyond the VERY LATE delivery.

This will also impact your placement in the listings, as well as your overall analytics and prevent you from gaining a level OR may set you back a level depending on what your percentages are on the 15th of the month.

If you have an order you cannot deliver by the due date, it is always advisable to use the RESOLUTION CENTER and ask the client for an extension in the delivery time so you can avoid that negative 1 star or being late. Even if you delivered the order before the VERY LATE (24 hours after it was due) time frame, your statistics would still take a hit, as your “On Time Completion” rate would suffer.


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Don’t we think its little bad for sellers? What if a seller having 8-9 orders in queue got a road accident and admitted to hospital for a month and then comes back. He will get negative 1 stars to all 8-9 orders? without any fault? It can destroy his overall rating.

The “On time completion” analytics can be recovered after 60 days but negative stars can never be recovered.

Of course not delivering an order is bad for sellers analytics or profile - but, it is also bad for the buyer who was expecting your work. Look at it from both sides.

Sure, one could fall off a cliff and be bedridden for months and their Fiverr account would sink to the depths of the Titanic. But, unfortunately, that is the way Fiverr is run. Imagine if everyone just used the excuse they were sick, invalid or their mother died (you would not believe the doozies some come up with to get out of a jam) for not following through with their work.

Even though you do not think it is fair - those are the rules of the site and probably in the TOS you agreed to when you signed up. Imagine if you didn’t show up for your 9 to 5 job for days - didn’t call (or some family member didn’t) to let your work know you were unavailable - you would be fired. Well, same goes with Fiverr.


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Fiverr is business. If you work day job and have an accident someone has to call your boss and inform your company about it.

Same here. It would be advisable to have someone trustworthy that in case of emergency can look at your account and put it in out of office mode and send replies to clients.
If you have no one then just accept your account is down and your freelancing on Fiverr under that name is over. Ask Fiverr can you delete account and start over. If CS denies use another site or find another job to do.

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In business there has to be clear rules.

You are only looking at this from a seller’s point of view. What you haven’t given consideration to is the 8 or 9 buyers who would each be waiting on their job to be completed.

The rules are in place to ensure that in the event of an order being ‘very late’ the buyer can get their money back and find another seller to work with as quickly as possible.