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What is " average " and how to count that?


Hi there,
I just saw that Fiverr change from " start at" to “average” so what is it and how to count that and is it important if I have higher average than others?


As far as we know, it is:

all the orders a gig has ever had added together divided by the number of orders.

There are two guesses about if having high averages on a gig will matter:

  1. It might increase sales on that gig
  2. It might lower sales on that gig

No one knows for sure what it will do.


is it average selling price? but in analytics, my avg selling price is only $17. :slight_smile: I dont understand why.


Average for each gig not for all your gigs combined like it is in avg selling price in analytics.

Do you think that a higher price showing on gigs will get more sales?
What do you think about it?


Thank @misscrystal so much :slight_smile: I understand. It showed that I have many orders with high price because my all most customers are big customers and they have many job to work with me. but its not good for new buyers, they will think that my price is higher than others. :slight_smile:


I agree, I’m not sure what the reasoning is for this change.


From what I can tell, it’s showing the average for the last month, not the average since you started. That’s why your numbers don’t match your analytics.

In some categories, people are just looking for cheap as the starting point. They don’t care who the seller is, they just want cheap.

In many categories, people are looking for higher quality, and sellers who have higher averages will get their share of clients too. There are a huge set of buyers who understand “you get what you pay for”, or they tried the cheapest and got burned, and then look for those in the middle or upper range.

In many categories, it’s the repeat buyers who make it all happen, and repeat buyers will pay more IF they get value.

If someone is averaging higher for their sales, many buyers understand there is a reason.

It’s one thing to fool a few people to buy a more expensive gig, another for someone who regularly sells at higher prices…

Fiverr appears to be testing this, as not everybody is seeing it.

My guess is they will see how it works across a range of buyers for a month or three, then either move everybody to it, or move everybody back to the “Starting at”.

Fiverr is changing, and will continue to change as it matures. What works today is probably not going to work six months from now. We will all have to adapt. (That’s really the same across a huge set of businesses, both on or off-line.)