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What is Avg. Response Time showing in profile?

Avg. Response Time in my profile showing 1Hrs. What does it mean? How it is calculated?

Reply to @silberma1976: Nicely saying. Thanks Charles!

How do you do it? Do you ever sleep? Is your gig a company with people in front of a computer 24/7? My response time is 3-hours, when I’m awake I respond quickly, when I’m not I obviously can’t.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I also have a 1-hour response time. In my case I don’t get that many messages, and most of them are while I’m on the computer. I usually get one or two per week while I’m sleeping. When my phone beeps, I just wake up, answer, and go back to sleep. No big deal.

If I were getting several messages per night I’d turn off the sound.

Reply to @belengarcia: I envy you, I don’t have an iPhone and my Android phone isn’t compatible with Fiverr. I’ve been reluctant to change phones because my device has an actual keyboard you can slide open. Nowadays finding a phone like that is hard.

By the way, my phone doesn’t beep, I’ve silenced all the beeps, they drive me crazy. At one point I had twitter on my phone and was getting notifications all the time. It was my fault for replying on a popular thread.

Reply to @silberma1976: Do you know if this is only first messages? Or, if all messages, what about ones where the other person’s reply was the end of the conversation?

Reply to @audreyjohnson: From Fiverr’s blog:

“Replying within 24 hours is necessary for your response to be tracked. Response time is based on the last 30 days of a seller’s activity and tracks the amount of time it takes for a sellers to respond when first contacted by a user.”