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What is Avg. Selling Price and how increase it. Please help

Please someone help me. I want to know what is avg. selling price and how i increase it.

Everyone’s average selling price is different, depending on what they sell and whether they have levelled up or not (can offer gig extras). The easiest way to increase your average selling price is to take advantage of the “gig extras” features which are allowed as you level up.

You didn’t ask, but here’s some advice: Your gig descriptions are terrible. For one you just say the word “photoshop” over and over and over. That’s ridiculous. If you can’t explain to potential buyers what it is you will do to their photos, why should they trust you to do anything to them? Also, the “work samples” do not look like you did them. How can someone judge the quality of your work when you’re just posting other people’s pictures (which, by the way, is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service unless those really are your photos, or you own the copyright to them)?

Thank you for comment sir. Actually i want give good service. I 'll try to edit my gig to good one. Thank you for help :slight_smile:

About gig photos, If you can see other gigs, Most of them are do same thing. But I did some editing to my photos. However i want give good service to my buyers, that is all.

If everyone else is robbing banks and getting away with it because the police are overwhelmed with so many bank robberies going on, does that make it okay for you to go rob a bank, too?

I report the use of images which I believe are not allowed to the Fiverr editors all the time as well as gigs which I think break the Fiverr Terms of Service, and I’m not the only one who does this. Many times those gigs get deleted without any warning. So if sellers want to take a chance that they won’t get caught breaking the rules, so be it, Eventually, I believe they will get caught. We all have to decide if we want to live the right way, or the easy way.

Thank you very much for advice. Actually i didn’t think to do crime at all. Now i added vacation mode and I’ll back with good gig.

Thank you very much celticmoon for your help.


I design a new photo. And this is my gig.

Thank you very much celticmoon for your help.