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What is benefit/impact of Skill TEST?

If you do give skill test at fiverr then What is benefit/impact of Skill TEST?

Anyone knows?


If you type “skill test” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.


If you succeed the test it will be visible at your profile

It was not visible for many years now and people were still getting orders and delivering quality projects … Soo

Its promore your profil image

It’s like a certificate. You will be certified from fiverr if you pass this skill test. And it will be shown in your profile.

In my opinion if you are getting a good flow of orders, then better not take the skill test. A bad or medium score might have a negative impact.

I would let the reviews do the speaking. But I think there is an option to not show the result of that test.


Yes I agree with You in this point of view.

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I have given 2 test - Adobe illustrator - 6.5/10 and Adobe Photoshop - 7.8/10.

will that impact on my gig or success rate?