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What is benefit of Skill TEST?

If you do give skill test at fiverr then What is benefit of Skill TEST?


Don’t know yet What’s the benefit of Skill TEST

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After you successfully finish a Fiverr Test, it will appear in your skills and “Test taken” on your profile. These skills are not same as regular skills that you manually input. Next to them is a “certified” icon meaning that you are verified for your knowledge.

This will prove that you have knowledge in that sector and you are qualified for job using those skills. This also gives buyers confidence that they can trust in your skills and get the job done.

Some more advantages of Fiverr tests:


I couldn’t have put it better. It gives potential buyers confidence in your skills.

For example, if English isn’t your native language, you could take an English test to prove to potential buyers that you are competent in English and will be understood.

This is no joke. The language barrier is one of the biggest causes of gigs going wrong. If the buyer and seller can’t communicate effectively, then there is little hope that the job will turn out well.


Well said. Communication is the most important thing with buyer and seller.


I think, It’s showcase your skills expertise label.

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It’s true communication is most important for a seller.

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Thank You for your reply

It shows in your profile & it feels more professional when buyer see it.


You learn and you can use it at your advantage.

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In addition to what others have said, you can’t have gigs in certain categories until you pass the relevant skill test.


If you do well in skill test fiverr will recommend you


Is it important for gig marketing?

Skill test help to grow your profile. as like if you taken test it show your profile as like " Certified "
and it’s help to give buyer confidence .

Thank you for your reply

Thanks dear for your information