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What is benifit or advantage of posting video in gigs

Hello every one
Can you help me and suggest me what is advantage of posting video in gigs gallery…Any advantage in increase sale? Or can you give me any suggestions for increase my sales

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It’s proven people engage with video more than anything else


Thanks you so much for help me

I know this is an older thread. But it could be useful to someone, so I wanted to add my thoughts.

People like to consume content differently. Some prefer reading details, while others prefer a video. In modern times with the success of YouTube and live videos, I think video is more important than ever. The key is to make sure your video is high quality and engaging in order to catch the buyers’ attention.

Also, gigs with videos show up in Google’s search results when people are searching via video. This provides an additional opportunity for potential buyers to find your gig. I hope this helps.

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Provide a source to prove this, please.


I’m a writer. When I was researching competitors through a google search, at least one Fiverr video popped up. Of course I can’t find it now that someone’s asked. After your response however, I did do a search for blog writers on Fiverr and switched to the video search. You can check out the link here.

As I mentioned, some people prefer text content, while others prefer video. If a buyer prefers the latter and does a search for Fiverr sellers on Google via video, the sellers with video have a stronger chance of showing up. And buyers with no video won’t show up at all.

It might be a pain for some sellers to create videos to promote their gigs, so I completely understand questioning whether or not it’s worth it. I personally created my own video in a short amount of time before responding to the thread in the forum. I’m new as a Fiverr seller, but I ran a successful business for over 10+ years, where video content helped my conversion rates. (I currently live between the U.S. and Germany. And I’m only on Fiverr now to pursue my digital nomad goals.) You can take my suggestions with a grain of salt. But when it comes to selling anything, I tend to lean toward using a multi-prong approach to bring in potential sales. If my suggestions can help someone - great. If you disagree - that’s cool too. No hard feelings. :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t questioning if it was worth it. I just wanted proof what you stated was true because it isn’t corroborated anywhere.

Feel free to revisit my entire previous response. Take care.

Um, I did. That’s why I wrote what I did.

Obviously you wouldn’t have written the quote below unless you felt I was disagreeing with you when I never implied that I was. No need to get snippy just because I’m verifying something.

I feel like you’re projecting… Somehow, we’ve gotten off topic. So again, take care.

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