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What is best method to get Fiverr payment in Turkey?

Bank Transfer, Pioneer or anything else???


Pay pal is the best method of taking payment in all around the world so you cann choose paypal.Thanks


@dev_dataentry thank you for your response, but unfortunately, paypal stopped its services in Turkey, what would you recommend now?

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I’m not from Turkey, but I think you can use payoneer master card to withdraw your money from the ATM machine with 3$ fees.

I am from Turkey and I use Payoneer to withdraw my revenues. It works in Turkey.


@flatify thank you for your response, I have balance $56, but it says “you dont have enough gains for withdrawl”

Where do you see that warning? On Fiverr or Payoneer?

Thankyou @flatify today I recieved my payment via Payoneer.

Hello, I am from Turkey as well, it there extra fees while withdrawing money apart from 3 dollars payoneer getting? for example how much left from a 24 dollars when its withdrawn? :’)