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What is Best seller tag? Please guide about it

Hi everyone hope you all will be fine. I clicked on my profile today after many days and saw BEST SELLER tag on one of my gigs. Surprisingly,

  1. I have no order completed just one order is in queue of another gig(first order )
  2. My best seller gig is not optimized (normal gig)

After this tag i wanna edit my this gig properly , please tell me how i can edit it and should i edit or not. Any other suggestion would be highly appreciated.
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Hi there!

To my understanding, if you have more than 1 gig package or gig on your profile, the “best seller” indicates it’s the one purchased most often.

Hope that helps!


Hi lkwelsh
Yes , understood. Can I edit this gig because It’s not appear in the search result (not optimized ) and I wanna rank it without loosing this tag. I mean I wanna change images, tags, description etc.

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Changing any details within the gig itself shouldn’t affect that it’s the best seller. I’m not a tech-person so I don’t know if I’m really the one to help with that.


There is no “best tag” and if there was people wouldn’t give it to you because that would give you an edge over them.

Focus on what’s best for your particular target audience and also what is not super competitive.


Okay, Thanks for sharing your experience.

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