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What is best way to fiverr gig marketing?

Where I can get more buyers by marketing.
I’m new to fiver.
I want the cooperation of experts.


I think you should share your gigs on social media platforms like fb, twitter and specially linkedin

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Thanks for your comment.

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Share your gigs to social media like fb, twitter, linkedin, pinterest. But do not share your gigs link when links are spam .

Share your gigs to any social media platform. But don’t share your gig’s link. You can put your gig link to your portfolio. My choice is you can share your portfolio link indirectly gig link. That’s my opinion. And i am sharing my gig link that method. Be safe, be careful

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Actually, who has no web page or portfolio, they have no way to share his gigs directly. I have the same problems.

You have to create a portfolio on behance, dribble, flickr, google site, google blogger for free. And you have to give many times at first.
I am working in graphic design. So i gave to create my portfolio for 6 months. I don’t know that what’s your job like data entry, graphic design or anything.


You marketing from all social media.

Yes. But don’t share your profile link or gig link