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What is best way to get more order as a Photoshop expert?

Can someone assist me to get more orders? I am a photoshop expert. Almost everyone uses the same keyword this is why it is difficult for me to get the order . What should I do? Though I have got 6 orders in 42 days and got some responses as well


You’ll have to figure out a niche or competitive advantage yourself. If you have a target market, go to them.

Have you read this thread yet?


Well, there is no formula that will work for everyone. Targeting a specific market might help you more. For example, some people focus on wedding photo work, some focus on fashion photo work, and some focus on corporate work. Start an Instagram page and Facebook page to showcase your work. Don’t forget to post client reviews and testimonials and place the Fiverr gig link in your bio.

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Follow the niche keyword and other photoshop experts, check out their profile, and follow the strategies they are using to getting project.

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Hello sazzad! Here is a little quick guide.Let’s say if you are designing logos.make sure to show more samples in a single gig image.Just like that whatever you are doing with photoshop in fiverr,Make sure to deliver more work you have done with sample images.It shouldn’t be just a sample.Make sure to upload gig video.And the most important thing.Make sure to add metadatas for sample images and video related to the category you are doing.You can download keywords from google keyword planner and then you can use photoshop for add metadatas for images and premiere pro or encoding software for video.Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your answer.

This is absolutely a great idea.

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Yes that is really an impressive idea. Thanks a lot.

Yes that is really an impressive idea.