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What is best way to redeliver Gig when buyer has requested Revision

Hi, I need help from Fiverr seller’s community. I have a gig in which I am offering my services with delivery time of 2 days. A few times, when I delivered my work to my clients just 2-3 hours before ending time , this happened that my client ask for revision and I had only 3-4 hours left instead of 24 hours time for the revision.

Therefore due to this, I was late 3 times in delivering my Gig.

I need to know, what is the best way to offer delivery to avoid the late delivery, or at least, I should have 24 hours to send revisions.

Which option should i use to redeliver the revisions once my buyer has requested revision? Either the Delivery again button or should send the files manually in the order thread?

Please any suggestions, will be really appreciated.

Use the delivery again button always. Deliver whatever you can as fast as you can with a note that more complete revisions will be coming within the next 24 hours. Explain that you must deliver again almost immediately due to the way the delivery schedule is set up. And make sure you do it as fast as you possibly can.

Hi thank for the suggestion. But lets suppose, I have 2 days time to deliver my gig, and I have just delivered before 2 hours of timer ticking. Now whenever my buyer will ask any revision, that time for me to send them revision is almost only 2 hrs… I want suggestion over this please ?

Only the very first delivery time will be considered, so it’s okay if your buyer asks for revision even if you are very near to your delivery. It shows late but it will never effect your On time delivery rate.