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What is best way to use Internet Marketing for getting orders from Website to Gig?

Hello Everyone & Thank you for taking a look at this topic ( Truly Appriciated )

Now , I have few gigs in fiverr and i am good at my skill but i am not sure how other seller is getting 4k+ orders in fiverr. Thinking to start a landing page camping for drive traffic to my gigs … ( What’s your thoughts about it ? )

I have few questions :

  1. Is anyone here who drive traffics from Landing Page OR Lead Pages ?

==> If anyone here can you share some experience here ? How you getting started with this ?

  1. Is that ok to drive traffic from Google --> Landing Page --> Fiverr Specific Gig ? ( I can see fiverr give us a ability to promote your business outside fiverr by provide badge ! )

  1. Can you suggest me a batter way to drive traffic from website or outerside of fiverr ?

Notes :

  1. I am internet marketer , have 5 years experiences :smiley:

  2. I know pretty much about TOS in Fiverr , But just not sure about drive traffic from website to gig is safe or not. ( Customer Support did’t explained perfectly so need to know from you all guys :slight_smile: )

  3. I am only looking for expert advice from anyone. I am experianced so i don’t think i need basic suggestion such as :

  • Share gig on social media - Not Going To Work
  • Share it by drive gig paid traffic - That’s fake
  • Use Google Ad - Not Allowed in Fiverr
  • Improve Gigs Keyword & Work on SEO - I know that , i need to know how i can drive traffic from website or anywhere to fiverr gig.

Any Help Appriciated … Many Many Thanks

Respectful Kind Regards
M D Chavda

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Can anyone help me ? Please ?

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I’m biased, but video marketing works well - send to your landing page, and then onto your gig, or straight to your gig if you want to. :slightly_smiling_face:

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how you doing this ? Can you explain more ?

I really appreciated … :slight_smile:

Create a video explaining what your gig offers, and how it benefits your clients, upload to YT, and put your gig/profile link on the video and in the description.

Add it to your FB page, Twiitter etc.

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i checked your profile …in fiverr marketplace you seems like a seller like me …

You joined in 2014 and currently this is 2017 …

5 year and you made only 347 orders … is that too fast progress ?

Is that allowed in YouTube TOS ?

We can promote there ?

Sorry, I’m not sure what your point is?

By my reckoning 2014 to 2017 is 3 years BTW.

Yes, of course it’s fine with YT.

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what my meaning is in 3 year you have 300+ customers rating and feedbacks …

i don’t mean your business is not good , but what i mean is do you have any different marketing that works to get more traffic in gigs ?

Would you like to share some knowledge ?

Sorry if you feel I’m not up to helping you - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank You , Appriciated …

I don’t understand your question. You wrote you have 5 years experience in internet marketing.

I am one of those potential buyers. I’m not sure how I feel about an internet marketer asking how to market.


I don’t understand it either (I always find it weird when a marketer asks how to market his Fiverr business), but I guess it’s because we’re not experts (he said he only wanted comments from experts).


I’m going to add a bit here - you asked for help ‘any help appreciated’ - I was happy to give it.

You then criticised me for my lack of sales. We’ve both been on Fiverr for a similar amount of time - I’m coming up to 500 deliveries - more than you if you want to do comparisons.

I don’t do Fiverr on a full-time basis, and I’m very happy with my sales thank you, and my clients are happy with my services, which is the most important thing.

It’s very rude to criticise someone who’s trying to help you, and I won’t bother again.


So let’s recap shall we?

You claim to be a super experienced internet marketer and seeing that another seller on the platform had over 4k sales made you scratch your head…
Then you decided to come to the forum and ask for help, on how to market your gigs on the internet.

Then @offlinehelpers suggested something helpful and you were rude and dismissed the advice offered because you deemed her sales not enough?

Let’s set aside for a minute the fact that you are being disrespectful, and that you are in no position to judge another seller’s progress on here.

Are you seriously trying to pass yourself as an Internet marketing guy when you don’t know how to drive traffic to your gigs??

What are you going to do if I purchase your gig?

Post a new thread here asking for more help?!!


My sales are less than offlinehelpers so you should probably dismiss my 25+ years of experience in off-Fiverr business. I’ve read hundreds of forum posts and there was one that outlined a specific and unique approach using a tool on Fiverr.

Not many people do it because it’s hard at first, but the guy who came up with it makes way more than 4k. I could find the post and share it but since I’m not an expert myself, I guess I shouldn’t. Oh well, good luck!


Can any experts or non-experts find and post this mysterious link Maddie is talking about?

Thanks in advance…

i am closing this forum topic , i don’t think any experts here … :slight_smile:

Oh well, we tried - we’ll look forward to your expert contributions to the forum in the future.

BTW - happy cake day @fonthaunt! :slightly_smiling_face:


I believe this may be what was mentioned - if not its a good one.