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What is best?

What would you recommend? For one of my gigs I offer essentially 3 options. Should I keep 1 gig offering them all or split up the offers to create 3 separate gigs? In terms of marketing and being found on fiverr, does it matter to keep them all together or what is best?

I find that it depends how varied/specific they are.

Using my example of photoshop, sometimes a buyer may, for example, specifically look for a poster to be made. Obviously this task could be achieved by anyone offering photoshop services, but the buyer is likely to search for their own specific item and then obviously click on a title that best matches the description of what they’re looking for - in this case they would probably be looking for a gig specifically titled ‘I will create a poster’ etc.

On the other hand, if they are extremely similar and the buyers are likely to search for very similar terms, it may be best to keep them in the same gig. Remember you can also use your gig thumbnail photos as a way to communicate what your gig offers, you can use this to show vital information too!