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What is better option to CANCEL the order or to get NEGATIVE REVIEW?

In the past we have faced some customer, we have provided better work than their expectation in small amount. At that time they appreciate our work but after when they received the work they said “we are not happy with your work and ask for refund”…If we do not provide refund then they would give us bad review :frowning:

Please help us for this situation.
Fora3 Studio

Use Fiverr Customer Support

if they said they will give negative review then contact Customer Support .if not then communicate very polity tell that how much review and rating matter and try to get good review and if this doesn’t work then mutual cancellation is best option

Thanks a lot !! :slight_smile:

If we go to Customer Support then buyers will able to add feedback ?

But gig cancellation effect on our profile (TRS) :frowning:

we have completed 165 orders and 5 CANCELED order :frowning:

If customer support can’t intermediate here, tell the buyer that you are only able to give him a refund if he accepts mutual cancellation. In this case he will not be able to give you a feedback at all.

Ohhh !! Thanks for the support.