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What is bothering you today?

Please share what is bothering you, let it all out! Please comment!

I am new to Fiverr and I’m ready to help others any way I can. I’ve learned over the years that honest feedback and acceptance to constructive criticism are two ways to move forward down a successful path. Not only am I open to both of those, I am also in a professional position that requires my attention to those two subjects directed towards others. What I want out of my experience on Fiverr is to hear what is going on in people’s lives. I want to be a person that anyone can lean on or bounce feelings off of. If anyone out there has some feedback that can help me be successful at promoting my services, I would be grateful for your time and response. I genuinely care about those who simply need a fix for something that they are struggling with. My past is riddled with struggles, and after overcoming my complications, I want to give back to those who need it now. I manage over 120 people and I am often told by my employees and superiors that I am a very approachable person. With my management career and education in business, I have acquired the tools necessary to communicate effectively and help teams reach and exceed goals. My favorite part of my job… is to teach, coach, train, and motivate people towards career growth. I simply want to expand my love of using words to inspire others to do great things. With that said… How can I get my Gig up and running more effectively than simply posting a gig? Thanks community. I appreciate your time.

Hmm pictures that actually relate to the gig in question are definitely going to help.

Casual pictures for a managers job ? if someone applied for a management position in casual clothes would you hire them ?

The other picture is even more odd and it is best you just screen shot a formulae or page you write in excel to display your gig on that one.

Whats bothering me today ? im out of time as I wasted all my time on fiverr and didn’t get any work done and I was on fiverr in the first place to reduce my workload lol.

Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you for your feedback. I can respect your opinion. Honest question, why do you consider me a spammer? I posted that on my first day ever on fiverr and your comment felt very unwelcoming. I am sorry that bothered you. Was your comment meant to be sarcastic? Since the 20th I have received 3 sales so I am excited I’m doing something right! Thanks again for your feedback. Have a good day.

Reply to @scottmcfadden: Thanks Scott! I appreciate your honest feedback. My laidback photo with the fish has produced three sales since the 20th so I may stick with it a little longer, however, I see your point about the professional appearance and target market I may be seeking. I wanted to appear trustworthy, laid back, and down to earth. I took your advice with the jalapeno, I abandoned that gig completely, you were right 100%! Thanks again, Scott, for your opinion!

I was a busy seller until i went on vacation.

Will the pages ever turn for me again?

Reply to @cccstack: thankyou