What is confusing about 3 day delivery?


Anyone ever have conversations like this?

Buyer orders gig with 3 day delivery, then a message arrives…

Buyer: Hey when will my order be ready?
Me: You ordered 3 day delivery, so that would be in about 3 days.
Buyer: Can I get it within 12 hours?
Me: Yes, I offer 24 hour delivery (which I will modify to 12 for this order) for $100.
Buyer: That’s too expensive.
Me: OK
Buyer: So when will my order be ready?
Me: :rage:


A typical day in the life of a Fiverr seller :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have 24 hour delivery on my gigs and have had repeated messages asking after a few hours when they would have delivery, things like “is it finished yet?”


They are like a child saying constantly "When will we arrive? Do we arrive yet? " LOL


I have a buyer who has orderd 40 times from me.

He ALWAYS insists that I complete his orders quicker than anybody else. Like, he wants them in 2-3 hours.

Not once has he left feedback, despite being asked to, so now I just do not accommodate his requests. I know it could be seen as ‘bribery’ or whatever, but if you aren’t helping me out, why should I help you?


Actually IMO, you have the right attitude in this case. Coz you are here to do a business, not a favor.

NB: If some clients want extra fast delivery, you should charge them extra. No, you are not being selfish, it´s business.


One of my BIGGEST pet peeves. :japanese_ogre:

It’s like me :telephone: ringing Fedex or UPS asking for a free overnight shipping upgrade. :expressionless:
Yeah, that’s not going to happen, unless I PAY for it :money_with_wings:, which frugal buyers don’t want to do.


What I understood in all these years here, in my category, is that some clients (especially the new ones) do not know that after the 3 days delivery they still have possibilities to ask for revisions. They believe after the 3 days is over, order is closed, ciao adiós Anne Marie… It means: they believe that by getting the work done earlier, they will have plenty of time to ask for revisions before the apocalyptical 3rd day.
On the other hand, I appreciate sometimes these contacts because they make me work faster :runner: and keep following my schedule :expressionless:
My regulars who do the same are the ones who don’t want to pay the fast delivery (or cannot afford it), and are too stressed to wait. But we know each other… and like in old couples, there is nothing too new to be amusing :unamused:


omg, I like this, so finally the buyer order your gig :joy:


A classic is also: “Please start NOW!”… (Mostly happening with 5$ orders, for sure :wink:


Buyers call the shots, I’m afraid. They think that you will feel ‘forced’ to work quickly because they give a review at the end of the process. They might not say it out loud, but the feeling sis that if you don’t do what you are told, then you lose out as a seller. Something has to change.


I actually had someone ask for a custom quote and then message me asking if it was done prior to accepting the quote and buying the gig.


That´s even better :wink:


It’s getting worst. I had some cancel 3 orders because I was not fast enough.

The delivery time is 4 days, they purchase it from me knowing that, insist that I finish the work faster, but then they cancel because I was not the first to deliver since they ordered from multiple sellers. I guess this is a thing now.


Don’t worry every fiverr seller has that kind of conversation every day :joy:


Wow, I think fiverr should block such buyers for them doing so.