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What is conversion rate? and what does it show when its low or high? and whats your conversion rate?


Hi everyone, so i was basically very curious about this. what actually conversion rate is for and what does it shows. Can some one help me?

Is it possible that a seller can see when you read their messages?

(No. of Sales/ No. of Potential Sales) x 100

Is it possible that a seller can see when you read their messages?

Wow, thanks. so what it shows when its high and low?


Dear Saddu:

I refer you to Episode 29 of Fiverrcast:

Here’s a relevant passage from the transcript:

Next to that is “page views” which is how many times your actual profile has been viewed in the last 30 days. It’s not how many times your individual Gigs have been viewed but just the profile. So that would be – for example for my profile, it would be It’s where your handle is.

Next to that is Gigs saved which is how many people have viewed your Gig and then saved it to come back to later. You will see a little heart on the Gig page that when they click that, that is what saves the Gig and then next to that is your conversion rate which is how many Gig clicks you had, with how many people ordered that.

So for example, if you had 100 Gig clicks and one person ordered, you would have a one percent conversion rate or be at five. It would be a five percent conversion rate. All of these metrics are in the last 30 days.

Redd: And something to bear in mind when people are looking at conversions is a lot of people have a conversion rate that – they might consider it fairly low, like somewhere around like a three or four or five percent. That’s actually fairly high and pretty standard. So if you feel like your conversion rate is low and it’s over two percent, then you’re doing actually pretty well.

Ryan: Right, and I think there’s a lot of other factors. I think people get down on conversion rate only but there are other things you can look at to improve other than just conversion rate to make more sales.

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My conversion rate is 7.2%. In last week it was 16%. In this whole week I didn’t get any order but by morning today I got 3 orders. @djgodknows how are you VOA?


Mine is currently 9.1%. The max I ever had was 26% and the lowest I had was 3.4%. :grin:


Thanks a lot. it cleared up many things. :slight_smile:


Mine is currently 10,5%. The max I ever had was 53,75% and the lowest I had was 3.69%. :grin: