What is "Days Without Warnings" in Account Analysis?


Dear Fivers,

     I would like to know about the new option of "Days Without Warnings(Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course of 30 days)" in Account Analysis. If some one violate to terms in 30 days then what happens ?

Can someone Explain about it !!!


How many days it’s been since Fiverr sent you a warning about something amiss on your account.


I was wondering too what happens if you get a warning since it looks like it means an automatic lowering of your level if you get one.


We are sure “You are late delivering your order” warning not counted right? Or else, it will defeat the whole purpose of having “Delivered on time” rate as a qualification.


No idea I’m afraid - I’ve never received one of those warnings, but I wouldn’t think it would be a ToS violation.

All I did was read this bit which the OP may have missed, or I was stating the obvious of course! :wink:

Days Without Warnings
Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course of 30 days


It looks like they are making the TOS violations warnings something the may result in the lowering of a seller’s level.

It is possible that this in itself is a strict warning so people won’t think about violating it.
TOS violations often result in immediate bannings.


Say a buyer made you angry and you were sarcastic, insulted him, rude, etc. So the buyer complains to Trust & Safety and you get an account warning.

So days without warning means days without getting a warning, it’s that simple, days without getting in trouble.

If you don’t insult, minimize the sarcasm, do your utmost to be professional instead of getting personal, you won’t get in trouble even if the buyer complains about you. Fiverr doesn’t just assume you’re guilty because someone complained. Fiverr will look at the conversation and what was said.


This clarifies so much. Yes, late deliveries are not considered a violation of TOS - but non-deliveries, empty deliveries and spurious deliveries are.

It’s amazing you never received a late delivery warning!! I get them… like every other day :joy:


I received a warning today but this green bar will be filling up when days passed. So when its more then 30 days it will be all ok?


I did not understand why my Days Without Warnings increase. last 14 days i was no working and no activity now my Days Without Warnings 16 out of 30. Please anyone help me how can i decrease Days Without Warnings



@imrankhan008 As the name “days without warnings” suggests, it shows the number of days since you had last gotten a warning from Fiverr. If the “days without warnings” count increases, it is a good thing because it means you have not received a warning in a long time.

You should aim to increase your days without warnings… Not decrease it…

So, it is a good thing… Don’t worry.


I’m confused about it too. What does 30 days without a warning mean?

Does it mean one warning in a 30 days period will cause us to be demoted?


Thank you so much


sorry for let ans thanks you so much for giving this valuable info.