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What is DENIED Section?

Please help me i want to know about denied section. why fiverr place my gig in DENIED Section.

I had a couple of gigs denied. One because of a 3rd party complaint of Intellectual Property for a video which I made myself and it did not contain any material belonging to any 3rd party. Also had gigs removed for links to external sites which is utter nonsense as I did not have any URLs in any gig. This new denied gigs idea is truely disgusting as gigs get taken down for no good reason… great for getting rid of competitors and nothing else!

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mattkane …
Thanks For Reply

Basically there is probably no good valid reason for a gig to be denied.

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I also had my Twitter gigs removed due to 3rd party terms of service violations. This really isn’t the place for fiverr to remove such gigs. Twitter nor Fiverr supplied any notice of any problem. Instant removal like this is absolutely disgusting childish behaviour on their part.

Right . but why any one complain in my gig?

a few day ago fiverr remove my gig and also disable my old account