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What is driverr in buyer requests?

can any one tell what is this for when i click on this it took me to home page.

Maybe it means fiverr.


might be why its present in buyer request section.

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I see it on my Dashboard. No idea what it is though.


Interesting :thinking:

Uber/Lyft Driverr deal in the making? :smile:


yeah i just read this might be this for uber.

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Really? My guess was spot on lol. Care to share the link?

m not sure like i just googled deiverr and uber and fiverr pop up

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OK, now the wheels are spinning. Curiosity kitty here will google it! :smile_cat:

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We will be able to call for an Uber driver on the website? :joy: :oncoming_automobile:

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Damn, that would be VERY interesting!
I wonder if Fiverr will be recruiting for driverrs? Imagine that! :hushed:

No bueno. :sweat_smile:


It’s all for @fastcopywriter - our resident Lyft driver - so now he can be the number 1 Driverr on Fiverr.

I hasten to add, that all mentions of Uber/Lyft I have seen in connection to this mysterious “Driverr” link are purely as jokes.


What so when I’m in South Florida, there’s a small chance my Lyft driver could be @fastcopywriter. :hushed: I bet that would be a fun ride! My fave spots Fort. Lauderdale/Pembroke Pines/Plantation/Weston/Davie/Boca Raton. FYI~ I prefer Lyft over Uber!

Could be an early April’s fools joke! :clown_face:

Remember the dating :heart: site thingy Matt posted last year? :joy:


If it is fastcopywriter, have him drive you across Alligator Alley to Naples for a hair raising four hour ride through the Everglades where no cell phone gets signals and pray the car doesn’t break down. :scream_cat: Fun!


:scream: Sounds like a creepy ride. :grimacing:

Marco Island is not too far away. :heart: An awesome vacay spot!

LOL~ I’ve been on airboat rides before of course, I was scaredy :cat:
I remember the driver coaching me on how to feed the :crocodile: I was shaking like a leaf. I thought the thing would bite my hand off. Never been on a ride since. Close call! :sweat_smile:


Ah I could tell you some scary tales of being lost out there in all that with no landmarks, everything looks the same. I still have nightmares about it. Some are never seen again who venture into the Everglades. There are reports of people and animals being eaten alive by mosquitoes in the summer.

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Hahahaha :smiley: I wouldn’t see that if I didn’t see this topic. It redirects me to homepage. I was afraid a bit before press it.

Wow, sounds like a scene from a horror/suspense/thriller movie. :astonished:

Sorry about the nightmares, I can only imagine what it’s like.

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Maybe it’s going to be some sort of promotional thing to “drive” buyers/potential customers to your gigs?
Currently it just goes to the Fiverr homepage but the link is different so maybe it will change what it does in future.

Or maybe they’ve bought a company/site or started one called/related to Driverr.

Oooh! Now there’s a catchy tagline: “Be a Driver on Fiverr”. I like it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: