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What Is Due In Date ? Need Help?

What is due in date shown on the order? Is it different from the order completion date?

My order completion date is different and due in date is different?
What are these? Need your answers
Thank u


“Due in” should be the number of days, hours and minutes (or in the above example, just hours & mins) from the current time that the order is required to be delivered by.

It means that i have to deliever the order berfore 7 hours?
But my order completion time that is shown on order page is 19 hrs…!

Sometimes the date/time counter shown on the order page can be wrong or go wrong. Try refreshing the page F5 or maybe Ctrl F5 on the order page and see if it changes. You can also refresh the page you’ve taken a screenshot of just to be sure.


Thank u ,Sir

DUE time means, the remaining time of your order.

But here it shows different time while order completion time is different … Order completion time is shown 19 hrs remaining, while due date is shown 9 hours…