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What is Enhanced Detailing

I am new on t shirt design… What is Enhanced Detailing? please tell me

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No clue, not my area/category. If I had to guess, though, I’d say fine details. I’m probably wrong, though.

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I’d suggest asking the seller who published that gig, you’ll get your answer from them.

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@sayfurrahaman58 Using app refresher is considered as ToS violation. Are you aware of that?

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Sounds like you’re trying to copy a gig you don’t understand…

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This is like Deja Vu.

Also Google is strange too:

Enhance detailing means to increase or improve in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness, or that you will not only create a design that is accurate as per client need but you will also make it attractive for the client’s buyer.


Thank you Very much … It is very helpful for me

Sorry… Thanks for say this