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What is EPS on Photoshop and Illustrator?

I am new in Graphics Design and FIverr.So I need to know what is EPS.

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Encapsulated PostScript File ( EPS ) is the file format that most text editing and page layout applications accept; EPS supports vector data and is completely scalable.


To add to all that it is a very basic thing for a “graphic designer” to know. If you are hoping to get orders here and for someone to basically pay to you while you are learning it wouldn’t happen.

I find it the same “mind blowing” as you call your logo design that you didn’t even try to google it first. But it’s not so important. What’s important that you need to look really objectively at your “design” and go find courses or google because out there are soooo many free tutorials on graphic design.

It might sound harsh but I hope it will push you to start investing in your learning curve. What we see right now is quite flat design, not even a logo with poor presentation even on your gig. You letter X doesn’t fit together with your text. You used modern/space style for the X icon and kind of medieval style for your text so that only how’s poor taste and lack of education.

You need to start learning. Fiver is not a get rich fast website and your portfolio is the most important thing. And you should learn at least names of the basic files before you start offering this services on fiverr.


I see that you have access to internet services… is always your friend.


Thanks for your opinion.
********** :unamused:

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Are you seriously going to call people names here??? Why are you so rude?? @mariashtelle1 is a well-respected member of the community and she just trying to help you??

Have you looked yourself in the mirror, I wonder??? :crazy_face:

What is up with you people??

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You forgot to add “craetions”.

Fiverr is a platform for professionals. This kind of behavior isn’t allowed.

You’ll need to learn not just how to design (if that’s the service you wish to offer), but also how to behave like an adult and a professional. That is, if you wish any kind of success here.

If all you want is to get banned from the forum and never to get any sales, then feel free to act like you did so far.

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Thanks dude thanks guys
I’m truly sorry for my misbehavior.

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If you don’t know what an EPS file is, I’m sorry, but you are not a graphic designer.

I suggest to learn before than start offering a service.

Fiverr is based on reputation, and you could ruin it permanently just because 1 single order, which you couldn’t perform well.

Try researching for courses at youtube, and information at google. Teach yourself first, then later offer your services.

This is my honest suggestion.

Also, offending someone else just because they sent you their opinion (which everyone is free to do in a forum), isn’t professional. I would never order from someone with this behavior.


Shame on you bro. You come to the forum seeking help and when someone gives you an honest opinion you resort to name calling?!?!

I noticed you apologized to hum_on_the_go, but who you really need to be apologizing to is @mariashtelle1.


Looks like he doesn’t need help at all. I’m pretty sure with this attitude we soon will see his account gone in a blink of an eye.


Hi there @omarism. I know you might think, why do they pick on me? But you have only yourself to blame for this. You need to learn to think before taking action. Now you only typed two sentences and both are so wrong?

Two wrong answers here… Firstly, don’t call people by names such as DUDE, bro, mate, dear, love, pall, it is very unprofessional and if you do this to your clients, you most likely will receive a 1-star review for your action.

Second, please do not apologize to me but to @mariashtelle1 :roll_eyes:

Third, try next time to take criticism, it is not always fun to hear the unexpected, but at least you’ll learn from the true experts here. It is through their help, we rookies can thrive here, what is the point of joining the Forum if it wasn’t useful?

Oh, by no meaning I’m perfect myself, far from it!! I did my mistakes in the beginning when joining the Forum and had to be told off by the experts here, but at least I took their criticism and did something about it.

Be aware next time of your actions and let us all live in peace and harmony!!

Don’t forget that we sellers also could be your potential buyers/clients, and need to be treated with respect as if in the real world. Although, with your previous words I doubt someone will ever buy from you. Seem you need to get yourself on your two feet first before you can call yourself a Graphic Designer. :thinking:


I wish you a wonderful day and Best of luck!!

Warmly, Doo the mystery Hunter.


In addition to this, this is a public forum, and literally anyone with an internet connection can read it, even if they don’t have a Fiverr account. Plus, a lot of buyers actually read this forum, but don’t post, so people are not aware that they’re here. Guess what happens if they see a rude and unprofessional post…