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What is expected earning just saw recently



Just saw This "Expected Earnings ", can somebody tell me what it means ?


No idea, but mine’s $0! :rofl:

Added - could it be the amount in $ of orders in progress?


I suppose your have orders in progress worth $88
It has always been there, but I can’t recall what it was called.


That has always been there.

It shows you how much money your current orders are worth. (it counts ANY purchase made, whether under revision or orders yet to be activated by the buyer)


It was Active Orders: before. :wink:


That sounds about right :slight_smile:


Yes Correct it was active orders but i have $100 of order running it should show something like $76 ? by cutting fiverr’s 20%


It shows what you will earn from your active orders AFTER Fiverr takes their cut. It says “expected” I think because it doesn’t have a way to track the tips you might earn too. That’s my guess! Haha




Total incomplete orders

I have 231 active orders
Every month, the Fiverr support cancels or the buyers change their minds and apply for cancellation.

Right now I have an order made in November 2016, the buyer started the order without giving me any details, I have the delivery time of max 24 hours, did not answer even after commencing the order, I sent 10 messages and for nothing. I will have to apply for cancellation. These directly affect the seller’s status

I think this must be solved in a way that does not affect the seller.



Buddy, please stop inviting me to participate in your forum topics. You keep doing this. And I’ve asked you to stop a few times previously. I don’t need to be invited to comment on your topics. I will participate and comment in the forum topics of my own choosing.


Hi @shubhamdahale expected earning is the total amount of earning that you can get if you complete all your active orders

Hope you know what’s an active order is


This is the amount of the orders you have already delivered but order is not completed yet.