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What is Fiverr Business?

I was sent a message in Fiverr from a Fiverr representative asking me to apply to become a part of the new Fiverr Business catalog. I read the FAQs and it seams kind of like Fiverr Pro, but built for larger teams and businesses.

Anybody know what this is about?


That sounds suspicious. Can you provide a screenshot of the message you received? (Be sure to block the username) But, you’ve also been on Fiverr awhile, and have probably seen plenty of scam junk. Is the FAQ a fiverr page?

It’s an official Fiverr FAQ page.

There’s a bit-ly link in there. Those are against the Fiverr ToS. My suspicions are back.

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I’ve raised a support request with the Fiverr team. The “seller” is a Top Seller, New Seller. Very suspicious.

The fiverr ToS link is missing an ‘h’ in the http. Besides that and the bit-ly, it looks very professional and real. Did you look at the videoask link? I’m not going to enter it, myself, but that’s the only other thing that seems out of place, but I know Fiverr staff do use other platforms/services if they need to.
CS is taking upward of 10 days to reply, and I would hate for you to miss out. But on the other hand, why is there a time-limit in the first place? If Fiverr Business is ‘invite-only’ and this is an
on-boarding thing, then why couldn’t you join the next group of individuals to get the invite?

I think it’s a scam. The video ask link is a typeform that asks for fiverr username. I feel like if it was an official invite, it would have come through the notification field like the level upgrades and other official Fiverr notices, not in an inbox message.

Hi maybe, you can ask to Fiverr’s customer support,
I also get that invitation, than I follow up to customer support and they say “yes, that Fiverr business is new feature from Fiverr”