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What is fiverr doing for creators in these times

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What is fiverr doing for creators in these times?

I don’t even need to read the post to detect the sense of entitlement here. But I shall, just to confirm my thoughts.

I don’t actually see fiverr in anyway supporting or aiding creators in these’s times.

Then you don’t appreciate the influx of new users to the platform who have swamped customer support with messages that have public answers should folks actually be bothered to look for them.

They give you a platform with millions of visitors a month, they advertise on a number of channels including national TV campaigns and you’re asking what they’re doing?

I can’t even be bothered reading any more of your post. I was right about your sense of entitlement, you’re not entitled to anything, especially not from a commercial enterprise, life isn’t like that.


:heart: love you guts good bye :kissing_cat:


So what? They’re here to make as much profit for their stakeholders as they can. That’s their end game.

They’re not a registered charity are they?

Are you saying they should reduce their profit margins to cater for the poor and needy of the world?

That will just flood the place with even more good for nothing meksells with a sense of entitlement than are flooding it already: the gig numbers are up, the quality has gone down.

How will that help? It won’t, it will stress CS out with more tickets from people who can’t be bothered to read / can’t read and that will effect their response times to real users with issues who need their support. More buyers will be fooled into buying junk products / services and the reputation of the marketplace will slump further downwards.

You do know that money injected into a company doesn’t work like casual spending money and that for each million in, someone is expecting much more than that out?

It’s called investment, not a donation. Had I invested in FVRR last year I would be laughing my backside off right now, I wouldn’t want them to change what they’re doing as my share value would be so high I’d not care.

You clearly don’t know how big business operates, nor do you know the difference between compassion, and idiot compassion: if the concept is alien to you read The Heart of the Buddha by Chögyam Trungpam.

Saw a post the other day from a girl saying she had some disease, she mentioned she needed medical funds on her gig pages and I thought “so what, that’s not my problem”, if a seller being poorly is their best selling point I’m not hiring them and nor will anyone else.

Some people play victim to attract the weak and those who like to feel virtuous.

“Compassion is the vice of kings” - Aleister Crowley.

Big question though, what more do you actually want Fiverr to do for you?

The opportunity here is equal, the outcome isn’t and the difference between success and failure is based on the competencies of the seller. Not how well they play illiterate third world victim of the Whunan Kung Flu / circumstance / fate etc.

What solution do you propose to the problem you perceive?


Well, fiverr has brought priority orders back after years of me suffering and having to see the irrelevant incomplete orders on the default dashboard screen. Good for them. Thank you, fiverr, having incomplete orders rubbed in my face all the time was really annoying. Not to mention, it didn’t make any sense.

They also introduced the early payout option (I do realize that it’s not available for everyone at the moment; wasn’t for me for the first few months). But I’m sure it came in handy for quite a lot of people.


I absolutely agree with @voiceoverandy . Fiverr is a big opportunity for any talented freelancer. I think, consider just this, it’s enough. There are many agencies out there but Fiverr is the number one. Its value can’t be calculated, it’s an open gate into a huge world of opportunities. What you must do in change is focusing, improving and giving the best service.


And they also had $37 million in losses last year.

I see where you are coming from and I would love to see more support for freelancer in general HOWEVER that was always the downside of freelancing.
You are not an employee and fiverr doesn’t have to provide financial support to freelancers. That’s the reality of being a freelancer. We have a lot of advantages and freedom in our work but for that we are sacrificing our paid holidays, paid sick leave, paid insurance etc.
You are ultimately running your own business and now you are responsible for everything not a company. You are the boss of your own business and if you would’ve have employees then you would’ve been also responsible for them and not only for yourself.

As you can see all companies can impose their own rules that suit THEIR business including other payment providers.
And just a note: I do receive instant payment in the same second when I withdraw money and never had to wait for 7 days.


I think it’s actually more than enough, I was surprised when I saw their ad on TV here in the UK a couple of weeks back, and know they’re running national campaigns elsewhere too.

Funny thing is, I read they used Fiverr voice talent on the ads, “broadcast rights” on something like that should be in the thousands, and I bet the talent only got about fifty quid.

That’s an empowering statement to anyone with the smarts to acts on it.

Ouch, imagine losing $66.66 a minute! That’s gotta hurt.

Tell that to everyone in the gig economy who wants holiday pay, sick pay and maternity pay, they want it both ways!

This is where most people go wrong I think; they don’t have the business mindset which is needed.

I’ve said it dozens of times here recently: Fiverr is a spoke of commerce, it’s not the full wheel.

(And happy birthday!)

And I could do everything for free, then go bust and not have a penny to scratch my backside with.

PayPal could take less of a cut, and end up bust.

Banks could charge less interest, and end up going bust.

As I said, it’s business, and some people have no clue.

Thanks for the ad hominem attack which tells me you rely on logical fallacies, and have nothing of any value to counter argue.

If you want me to say stuff you like how about you write a script and pay me to read it?

I’ll even give you special rates: £240 an hour BSF, and usage

Ah that’s always great to hear how people say that someone else’s opinion doesn’t matter when asking fiverr to take into account their own opinion.

And that’s another beauty of being a freelancer. If you don’t like the terms of the platform you can use any other platform or don’t use platform at all.


On a semi-related topic, why are we using youtube speak here? It’s “sellers”, not “creators”. I have a feeling that this post would get more traction if forum users could actually tell it was about supporting them specifically.

Unless it’s deliberate to keep the usual “no order, give me order” posters from spamming it into oblivion. In which case, kudos to you, clever move.

But honestly, I’m reading this and I feel like I’ve travelled back to March 2020. Fiverr has introduced promoted gigs and increased the service fee since then. All that with the “what about us?” choir in the background. They’re doing the opposite of what you want them to do quite deliberately.


First they attack you, then you win…

Honestly, and I’m not being flippant or defensive at all (and I’m not touching the flames quickly spreading in this thread with a 50 foot pole), but here’s what I’ve seen over the years of being here.

A platform that is trying to continually improve rather than going stagnant. They’ve gone from being nothing but $5 gag gigs to a place where, more and more, professional companies are seeking out professional services at more professional rates. Some things still aren’t exactly perfect, but it’s definitely improved over time.

They’ve added more features. Early pay-out (I don’t personally use it, but at least it shows that they are looking at the delay in pay and trying to offer some solutions to counter it). Some of the LEARN courses are actually pretty interesting and informative. Promoted gigs for greater exposure. Etc.

Speaking of greater exposure, Fiverr does a LOT of marketing and advertising, which we benefit from in the form of greater visibility for our offerings.

It can be a tough, frustrating nut to crack, especially with the influx of new sellers because of “the times”, sad to say. But as a platform where we can set up shop for no up-front fee, it is an opportunity for us, we just have to be patient and consistent. No different from what we have to do for our businesses off-platform.

Should Fiverr be the only egg in our basket? Definitely not. We should be doing everything we can to make sure our businesses grow, and that involves much more than just Fiverr. Yes, it has its frustrating bits (I’ve had a few, I’m definitely not immune to those!), but it’s still a great opportunity over all. Try to focus more on the opportunities, than on the frustrating bits. :wink:


Ha ha thank you! :champagne::see_no_evil: