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What is fiverr forum read time and how can I increase this?

Hello, good peoples of Fiverr,
As I am new here I am learning more and more about Fiverr and how things work here. I find the forum a great place to learn. However, when I go to my summary page it shows very less in my read time. Currently, this is showing only 35minutes read time. Link to my summary page is my summary of the forum.

So I want to know what does it mean and is there any measurement of how many hours I was active?
Also suggest if this post is in correct category.

Mohiuddin Sumon

Forum reading time has no impact on your selling performance and exposure. Stats are not updated in real time, and that might be the reason why the numbers are off. Anyway, don’t worry about it :wink:


Thank you for your replay mdzerozerozerozero :sweat_smile:

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