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What is Fiverr Hangout?

I was cruising :blue_car: Fiverr to see what gigs are out there and I found mention of a Fiverr Hangout. I have looked but cannot locate it. Can anyone help me?

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I think Fiverr has not Offical Hangout Page.

The person who’s gig I saw it under was promoting to be a friend for 30 minutes via Fiverr Hangout through texting only. Maybe that person made their own Fiverr Hangout page. I guess I will forget about it since it is something I would not use. I was just curious.

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I think It’s Personal Hangout Page

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I following this post

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I wish Fiverr had presence in Mexico, so I could attend meetings and hangouts

You probably saw a gig offering to be someone’s friend for 30 minutes via Google Hangouts!

That’s all!


That is what it was. I just did not know what Hangout was. The seller said, “Fiverr Hangout.” So I was searching :mag: Fiverr for it.