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Please what is fiverr ID verification and how can I get done



I thought I was pretty clear.

You have to take a picture of your drivers license, passport, etc. to continue working here.

  1. you have to own a smartphone, or it doesn’t work.
  2. It has to be a very crisp picture. You have to be able to do this without a flash and in low light (Your phone casts a shadow and most IDs are laminated and reflect light) New iphone or pixel phones can do this.
    3)Older phones just don’t work (Been trying for days) 2 yr old LG phone not up to spec.

This system is so poorly implemented, Even folks like me in the USA are having a hard time making it work.

It’s the great purge. Intended or not, that’s what it is. Poor people are not welcome here.


Do you have access to a scanner or an office supply place that does that can scan your ID? Do you have a friend or parent/sibling who has a better smart phone that can help you out? You may have to get creative if you want to still have a profile here I guess. In life, when you hit a wall or obstacle, find a way to go over, around or under it.


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You can’t circumvent it. It uses the web page’s access to the camera on your phone.

I’ve been going back and forth with CS for days.

All this in addition to the whole concept of taking a digital photo of my ID and sending it to a corporation in a foreign country. “Trust me” - Joe Isuzu

This whole thing is so wrong and immoral on so many levels.


Hello everyone, after I sent them the pictures they said they will let me know if it’s all good and it might take weeks, it’s been 60 days already and I haven’t heard from them yet, did any of you hear from them after identifying your ID ? Thank you in advance

@wafayafine and @liquidlettuce are both still here so they must have gotten it straightened out somehow.

Wafayafine has no gigs so I’m not even sure he is a seller here. Hopefully they come back for updates.

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Send them message again. Contact CS for more information and they will answer you in 2-3 days, maybe less.

I’m asking for my brother, he wants to make sure that everything is good, since they told us that they will check the pictures we sent them and they will get back to us and it’s been 60 days,no response yet. We were just wondering if it’s normal or not before asking CS for help. Thank you so much

If your brother is still here on fiverr it might be safe to assume your brother was approved. I’m hoping that’s the case.

Yes he still works here, thank you so much, I’m hoping for the same thing.

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Don’t even get me started on what a nightmare it was.

I had to raise h-e-double-toothpicks. It took 17 days to sort it out! Let that sink-in.

Basically, Fiverr reinstated my account. Twice. After it was disabled by their horrible system.
To be fair, they did apologize profusely both times, but it still shouldn’t be like this.

What I find to be insulting is for us sellers who have been here for many years and have earned substantial income, and climbed up the ladder inch by inch, and keep 5 star averages, they suddenly turn around and say to us “We no longer trust you are who you say you are.” That’s a real slap in the face.


So can you tell us what kind of phone you used to take the pictures? We are wondering what we need in the way of a phone, lighting, etc. to get this to work?

I’m glad you showed up @liquidlettuce

I see you have been here over five years! Yes I would think they would trust you by now.

I used my LG. But the pictures are terrible on it.

I think My account was reinstated after some kind of manual review by their “Trust & Safety” Team.
I don’t think It would have ever been reviewed I hadn’t barked so loud.


So the automated system rejected the pictures, and banned your account twice?

Well, I closed my account before the 15 day window, thinking at least maybe I’d get the last payment I’m owed that they have in escrow. The way it’s worded, you lose all your money until you do it successfully.

Fiverr CS manually reinstated my account without my asking, and apologized. And said I was good to go.

Logged back in, nope still shows I haven’t verified. (And all my gigs are gone.)
15 days goes past, account restricted. I close my account out of anger, again.
2 days later I get a message from CS they have re-opened my account again (Without my asking).
This time they re-instated all my gigs, even paused ones were active.

But, it’s been many weeks since I’ve completed an order, and I haven’t received one order since.

Basically, I’m out of business. Although you can’t tell it by looking at my gigs.

I hope that makes sense. I’m sure I left some out, and am going off (bad) memories.

Honestly it was pretty traumatic for me. Freaking out for over a half a month has given me my first grey hairs.


So at this time you have submitted your pictures manually and they were verified manually without using the system? Did you ever try to use it?

There is no “manually”. I sent it through the phone app, it accepted it, and Fiverr sent me an email that an Indiana Drivers license is not an accepted form of identification. ?!?!?

What! So the app worked ok for you but they said you can’t use an Indiana driver’s license? So you closed your account and they re opened it? How did it happen twice?

There’s the $60 question.