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There’s the $60 question.


Did you submit it to the app twice, the driver’s license, and it accepted it twice but it was still rejected by fiverr twice?


I think I explained that above. I submitted it one. It’s a combination of everything I stated above.


Sorry, sounds very confusing. I’m glad you got it back but it sucks that your business is ruined. Are your gigs showing up in the listings? Can they help you with that? Sorry for all the questions but your story is a real horror.

I can’t understand how they could let this happen, including the part about not accepting a driver’s license. Surely they know that is the national ID card sort of for all of the U.S.

it takes at least two months to apply for and get a US passport so that’s out of the question for most people.


I think they’ve done as much as they can (And frankly, as much as I’d want them to).

I think the cosmos is telling me it’s time to change directions.

Literally, I notice that when there are a ton of red lights on the road to where I’m going, I’m not going to like what I find when I get there. When it’s all green lights, everything is peachy-keen.

This many obstacles, also seems to be “a sign”


I know what you mean. But this is such an investment of time and effort. I am shocked right now hearing this. I can’t imagine how traumatic this has been for you.


I told the Trust and Safety team that their actions have obliterated my trust in Fiverr. And I don’t really feel safe giving out my ID, anyway.

There’s just too much weird nonsensical stuff going on with this company. Seems like I’m always hearing of goofy reasons sellers got their lives ruined. (VOPete anyone?)

What really got me was the message that I could not even buy on the platform until my ID was verified. If they expect all their buyers to do that down the line they’re going to go out of business.


Did they ever get to see your ID at all? Did you talk to the trust and safety team directly, or through messages with customer support?
I’ve never had to show an ID for anything online before, banking, paypal, credit cards, affiliate marketing…I’ve even taken out loans for a large amount of money online without showing an ID.


It was all through CS, and also the message you get to leave when closing your account (Who knows if that gets read, those were the more “colorful” posts, though)

I had to for my Paypal Business account. (I thought everybody had to send their ID to paypal)
Which brings me to my other point. If I’m verified through Paypal with a valid account, shouldn’t that be enough to determine I am who I am?


I would think so too but somehow some people seem to take out multiple accounts on fiverr. No idea how. I’ve been with Paypal since they started so maybe that’s why they never asked for an ID.

I’m still wondering how you could get a message that your Indiana driver’s license wasn’t a good enough ID.


Reading your story is just amazing for all the wrong reasons.

And yeah, the “we promise to keep your ID details super secure” doesn’t really seem to hold much merit when you consider all the bugs and the fact that they can’t even recognize an Indiana driving license. (Did they possibly think you were using an Indian ID? - Not very PC but one has to wonder.)

Just out of curiosity, another poster has mentioned how they have failed the verification process but been told that they can still complete their outstanding orders. Your account, though, seems to suggest that if sellers do this, they will be unable to actually get paid if they can’t withdraw or spend funds on Fiverr any longer.

Could you withdraw your funds even after your account was restricted?


He said he took out his funds and closed his account himself.

So the account was closed twice and reopened twice without him asking it to be, his Indiana driver’s license was not good enough, then he had to raise heck to have trust and safety decide his credentials were ok.

And after all this, no orders, his business is gone basically and without orders. I’m feeling shaky. And all this is on top of the other story about the app not accepting someone’s pictures. And you only get 3 tries with the app.


I looked for the screen-shot looks like I deleted it.

Basically I had funds that would clear AFTER my account was restricted.

You get a banner at the top of the screen that your account will be restricted and you will not be able to buy, sell, or withdraw funds until you verify your ID. (15 days, and it counts down each day)

So I closed my account knowing that it would be 90 days before I should get my funds, but at least I’d get them. (That was my thinking) But re closing it after the restriction, I have no idea. There’s nothing in the TOS about this new system and withdrawals.


I’m just so sorry you went through all this. Someone who depended on fiverr for their entire income could have a heart attack from this. I didn’t have much sympathy when it was someone who broke the rules but this is different… This is without any type of rule breaking.


In this case, sellers should probably attempt to verify once immediately and if that attempt doesn’t work, pause gigs for 14 days to make sure they can withdraw any earnings before trying again.

Quite a baffling situation to be in. When its my turn I’m going to vlog the process. At least if I get banned I can then start a career as an epic Fiverr memer. :slight_smile:

The good news, of course, is that you have your account back. I’ve taken 6-month long and impromptu 2-4 week breaks from Fiverr in the past. Sales do pick up slowly. In this case, don’t lose faith just yet. Also, maybe consider expanding your range of gigs while sales are slow.

In either case, thank you for sharing your story and good luck!


I do (did) depend on it for all my income. :frowning:

Found the pic of the warning you get, so we all know what we are talking about.

(That bar across the top)


I thought it was 14 days. So if you miss doing it in 8 days what happens, you are permanently banned? Or your account is restricted until you do it?


Hi, I used a scanned ID to verify. I got the congratulatory message not until after I saw that one shouldn’t used a scanned ID as it is hard for Fiverr to verify it. Hope this won’t get my account in trouble?


Where did you send the scanned ID to? I thought it had to be on the phone?


The scanned ID was on my phone