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Where did you send the scanned ID to? I thought it had to be on the phone?

Yeah, huh?


I love how you couldn’t buy or sell but could still buy a Learn course. :smile:


I had it on my phone


Did you scan it with your phone camera or a real scanner? Did the app allow you to upload this as a file from your phone when asking you to take a picture of your ID?


I found this, for Android:

Scan a document
Open the Google Drive app Google Drive.
In the bottom right, tap Add.
Tap Scan Scan.
Take a photo of the document you’d like to scan.
Adjust scan area: Tap Crop.
Take photo again: Tap Re-scan current page Refresh.
Scan another page: Tap Add.
To save the finished document, tap Done.


I scanned it with a real scanner and it allowed me upload it from my phone


I know we’re all thinking the same thing.

If you can do that, why wouldn’t someone just forge an ID?

That makes the system 100% defeated.


What’s this for? I’m a bit confused


I’m not sure yet I CAN do that lol. I don’t use my phone for anything but calling, texts, and occasional photos.


I’m confused too. Someone said they scanned their ID with their phone so I looked that up and found that. It sounds like it’s just a picture to me.


How do you upload something you scanned to your phone?


I was actually thinking that I would scan my passport to make sure the image is perfect.

However, yes, his is highly unusual for a genuine KYC ID app.

The thing is, it would actually be much easier for sellers to get scanned ID documents and high-quality selfie images ready in advance to upload when necessary, especially if they are using an old smartphone with a potato camera.

EDIT: Once again, this is where some official guidelines would come in super handy :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me how to upload photos to a phone? Sorry but I’m not phone savvy.




Hope my account won’t get disabled since I’ve been told I have verified my account, that’s my concern.


It sounds like if you have the selfie and the scan of your ID on your phone you are ok with that.


You’ll get an email if it doesn’t take. I don’t know if they send emails for success, but if you got one, i’d say you’re good to go. My denial email was sent within a day.


Was the selfie on your phone already too, like your ID?

A scanned ID would be crystal clear, more so than a phone picture.

How does this app compare the ID with the selfie? It can recognize if it’s the same person?


The selfie wasn’t an actual selfie it was a portrait of myself but it’s well lit and it’s on my phone also.


So you uploaded both from your phone. Thank you. I had the impression the app had to take the picture of you.