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Not sure whether to laugh or cry after reading about liquidlettuce’s odyssey in combination with the scanning posts but guess it’s cry, seeing that when you finally arrived back on the shores of Ithaca, your business lays in ruins. Very sorry to hear that. :expressionless: I hope it will recover soon enough for you to not have to or want to give up about it.

PP - I suppose the issue with that is that PP doesn’t verify up to a certain amount of money coming in/year, so having a PP doesn’t necessarily mean it’s verified and doesn’t prove anything. How they verify seems to differ if you had to send ID online. Here, they do it via snail mail, at least they did when I had to verify my account. That’s done for several things here, you go to the post office with the documents they send to your snail mail address and your ID, and the post office staff will “verify you”.

However, my sympathies are with everyone who undeservedly gets caught in this obviously very faulty ID thing, I hope they quickly find a way to fix the situation for people who finally manage to get verified but lose their business because of the whole affair, and not leave it with we’re very sorry but it’s all automated and we can’t do anything about it. Those AIs and algorithms were programmed by people, after all, weren’t they, or are they programmed by fellow AIs and algorithms already…

Definitely even more apprehensive now about the whole thing than I was already because I don’t want my ID laying around online for the grabs under unknown circumstances, especially if not really needed - many of us do have verified PP accounts attached to our Fiverr account, after all.


I actually saw the name of the owner of fiverr making deposits into my account for a short while. lol I was surprised that it looked like the deposits were from his own account and not from a business.


Prepare for hell when you have to verify your identity. I’ve tried two times and their system simply don’t recognize my ID. I’ve seen in another topic someone posted that CS only accept english documents. My country don’t issue documents in english. So, how countries that don’t have english documents should suppose to do?


(in reply to MissCrystal’s post)

a bit OT as mostly about PayPal as verification, not about the Fiverr ID verification as it is

Actually, the reason many people use PayPal is that the other party should only see the PP email address and not their name and address unless it’s for delivery of physical items (that needs a name and address, of course). In theory.
Also, for business accounts, the account is in the name of the account holder but you can choose a business name which is shown to people instead of the personal name. Of course, many businesses don’t want “John Doe” to show in PP mails, notifications and such, but “CoolCompany”.

There’s a “small verification” but that doesn’t really verify a person, only that the person who operates the PP account has access to the bank account that’s linked to the PP account at the time of the PP verification (the “we’ll send you 4 cents and a code to your bank account and you verify with that code” verification), that’s more to make sure the amount will be go to/come from the right account than to verify a person,
and a “big verification” which gets triggered when a threshold (€2000/year or whatever) gets crossed, which is when they do a verification with IDing, tax ID number, or utility bills at your address or such.

Maybe they didn’t bother to ask for a real verification for accounts like yours that have been in use for ages already and never shown any irregularities and such, don’t know.

PP is required to check because of taxes, so that people don’t just open several accounts to keep each of them below the report amount for the tax authorities.

You can’t have a bank account without verification here either, of course. But obviously people do manage to open more than the allowed number of PP accounts which shouldn’t be possible, which means PP’s verification isn’t 100%, which might be the reason it’s not enough for Fiverr to rely on.

Not going into how it could be possible for the PP account owner to not be the bank account owner if only the “small verification” has been done for obvious reasons but it might just be not enough, even if PP let Fiverr see the PP account holder name.

Well, while I wish it would be enough to have a verified PP linked to Fiverr instead of being asked to do that ID verification, the details don’t really matter anyway as long as Fiverr won’t or can’t use either lightly or heavily verified PP accounts for their purposes.


They should be more clear about this instead of saying: “well you have to prove for us that you are you and if you don’t prove to our AUTOMATED SYSTEM (that don’t work) then goodbye.”

Why is it even possible that they ask a verification of identity when there is no REAL PERSON that will look the documents to confirm? And if you have a problem CS don’t verify your documents. They only say: “try using again our broken system till your account gets banned from it automatically.”


I never knew this. They seem to trust me and know it’s me. I’ve never had this kind of scrutiny and as you say it must be since I’ve always used them from day one of when they started.

I guess 30 years of zero problems with them counts.

One time when I called them the lady I spoke too seemed very impressed with my record there.


There was a post by a user who got told they do not accept and a post by someone else who said that they do accept ID that’s not in English. There were also people posting they won’t do manual checks and people who got verified manually. Very confusing indeed.
Fingers crossed for a better approach to the whole thing, at least more tries, and then manual verification in the cases the automatic approach fails.

I’d also be much happier with them making a deal with PP to use that to check my ID instead of me having to do that photo session and have my ID photo on their servers, though I guess that again might make for some GDPR or other issue and not be as easy as one thinks.


I agree that it’s uncomfortable to have my ID on the internet, in any site and any server, due to security issues.

I can’t think of a reason for the 3 tries limit especially, since apparently the process is so prone to not liking the pictures that are sent for some reason.

It sounds from what Andy said about his experience elsewhere with the ID system that it’s maddeningly difficult to get a photo it will accept, due to lighting, older phones, whatever.


The issue for me is that they don’t verify manually if a person use the 3 tries. I would be very happy and trust again on fiverr if after the 3 tries someone real from CS take a look for the documents and approve the submission. It is so simply to do it.


My ID is real, the drivers license from the US seller in this topic is too. The system seems to not identify pictures correctly at all. This is happening in any country as we can see on this topic.


I hope more people will see this thread and report their experiences with it.


So sorry for this. Seems there are many with similar issues


i cant believe that. my account was restricted after failing 3 times to verify my identity. did someone here got it back again after the restriction. i have uploaded 3 different document of me and all denied


The ID verification is not working properly. It is blurring the photos when you upload and not recognizing the documents because of this.


yes but did someone got a solution? i mean how to get my account back because it is driving me mad? thanks for replying


You need to send a ticket to customer support, they will allow you to try 1 more time to send the pictures in the automated system that you already tried before. If you fail one more time your account will be permanently disabled. So, good luck.


Thanks. Hopefully I’ll get everything done.


Is this officicial

Yes, good luck! Please keep us updated either way.


Thank you for your nice post!


Finally i got my account restored. like @br_links said i sent them a case and they answered in less then 10 hours i think. they gave me another chance and finally i took the perfect photo. i think that every passport works no matter where it is released and in this case mine was Albanian. i used a reading lamp for the light and a white paper sheet for the background. i’ve heard that this is happening to a lot of users here on fiverr and i hope this thread helps somehow. obviously you can contact the customer support because they are very helpful. good luck everyone.