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What is Fiverr "Immediate Load Fee!

Hi I want to know what is "Immediate Loaf Fee. recently I have seen that fiverr charging me 3$ per transection as a Immediate Load Fee. This is new thing doing with me, Please someone have valid answer How I can remove these fee… I am withdrawing money from Fiverr to Payoneer account. Thank you Please see the below SS.


You’ll get your money within 2 hours.

Otherwise, you can pay a dollar and wait 2 days.

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Sara these charges is from Fiverr. Right?

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Payoneer sets the fees. I’m not sure Fiverr has anything to do with them.


I know about Payoneer charges, Payoneer told me that these charges is from Fiverr not from us.

same problem,

No it’s from Payoneer. You can choose regular withdraw which is $1 fee.


It must be set by Payoneer because they’ve taken the money. If Fiverr set the fees, the $3 would never even make it to your Payoneer account. It’d come out of your Fiverr balance.

Anyway, there’s no way to remove the loading fee. But you can choose the $1 option, which is cheaper.

Sara actually Payonner charge 3$ whenever we going to withdrwal to local bank and in this case I am still waiting for my money they said me that the process will done in 5 business days. So these are the charges from Fiverr not from Payoneer.

Here’s the link from Payoneer, and it’s as the others said: if you are willing to wait for 2 days, the fee is $1, and if you want the money in your Payoneer account (not your local bank, Payoneer account), it’s $3.


Again. I have confirm from them, These charges are from Fiverr not from Payoneer mate.

Time to ask Fiverr then? :slightly_smiling_face:


already done.still wait for fiverr reply

this Is the fees when you choose to withdraw within 2 hours, otherwise you’ll charge $1 to get your money In 2 business days

If it is charged by Fiver or Payoneer we have to pay the transaction fee.

There is no other options to transfer without charges.

Screenshot_16 This is the reply from Payoneer. They said these are charged by Fiverr, not by payoneer you can see in this SS

The support guy said Payoneer charges the money but has an agreement with Fiverr as to how much will be charged. In other words, it sounds like Payoneer takes the loading fee, but the fee has been agreed upon in advance with Fiverr. As long as you use the Fiverr service, there’s no way around paying them as they’ve been locked into place. Perhaps other services have negotiated different loading fees.

Take the slower load option in future if you want to save a couple of dollars. At least we have that option.


Sara Please tell me how I can select Slower load option!!

I remember this load fee wasn’t there before. But last time when I loaded (I think last week), when I clicked on the ‘bank transfer’ button (which actually transfers to payoneer) on the earnings tab in Fiverr, I got to a page where I could choose between immediate load or 2 days wait load. And there was also an option to remember the settings.

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