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What is fiverr jail?

Hi , I’m new here in fiverr . I want to know about fiverr jail. What is fiverr jail? How to recover from it? How many days it takes to recover?


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What do you mean by jail! Explain it !

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Thanks a lot…

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I don’t know. One of my client said these that he is in fiverr jail so he needs some time to give the order .

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It means he violated ToS (Terms of Service) and he is temporarily suspended.

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Fiverr jail does not exist.

It sounds like your client has had their account put into review for potentially doing something wrong.

However, when this happens sellers can still complete existing orders.

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Is there any way to recover from it? Because I have successfully completed his one order & he wants to give me another order.

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You are wanting to work for a buyer who has had their account put into review? It’s a sign of a bad buyer…

No, only Fiverr can decide when the account restrictions are removed.


Ok. Thank you very much.

Yeah, if a buyer is found to be dishonest, you want to take extreme care working with them. Once a leopard, always spotty.


You’re new here so everyone is being a little apprehensive.

The truth is that Fiverr Jail is very real and it’s not something we’re supposed to discuss. It’s like Fight Club, only way less welcoming and without all that silly “dystopia Is the utopia that elevates manhood” garbage.

Fiverr Jail is a ruthless, bottomless pit of ruffians, hooligans and the lost.

Rumor has it that Fiverrian jail sits somewhere on the outskirts of Reno. A vile place where zombie’s would send their food back.

I knew a guy, “Big t” we called him, a lost soul that would do treacherous activities (like spelling his name with a lower case t just to toy with you). He had actually been in fiverr jail. Big t told me that he had to share space with some of the most frightening people this world has ever produced.

I had to fight back tears of horror as he recalled sharing living quarters with real life spammers.

I shouldn’t even be telling you this. You can ask anybody here … do they remember “Big t?” They’ll all say no. That’s your first clue. They absolutely remember him…

…they also remember his being dragged away by the grisly and feared moderators for having mentioned fiverr jail.

Trust me, you want to drop this pursuit that you’re on. Let it go. Live life. Breathe and feel at one with the sweet taste of life as you know it.

Let. This. Go.

Note to Mods: Um… this isn’t Mooch. This is Fred. I took Mooch’s phone and posted this reply. Mooch doesn’t know nothing about fiverr jail. Honest! Wait. I think I just heard something in my house. It’s getting closer.

I’m starting to think someon…