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What is Fiverr mistake?


Hi Everyone I am Likhon42, I joined fiverr 4 days ago! and create some gigs for selling ! Today 5:50
pm I was reading fiverr forum post. Suddenly I got a message from fiverr"You account is disable"
That was really shocking news for me!, I was thinking Why my account was disabled? I don’t do anything
I want to say fiverr , why you disable my account? I want to show this email_

Mod Note: [Image removed because it shows the OP’s email address. For personal security and Fiverr ToS, personal contact info should not be shared on the forum.]

I think there is no reason for disable my account ! It is fiverr fault,
Fiverr doesn’t share main reason of disable/ banned , " They only say you are violating our Terms of Service .
I Think you should change your system ! and also notice warning before disable/ban
and make a activation option for use disable account second time@!


You should contact the Fiverr Support, they can help you :wink:


Judging from your previous posts, you have copied others, and your gigs were denied because of that. That’s a ToS violation.

This is forum. We’re sellers and buyers, not Fiverr staff. You’ll need to contact Customer Support.


NO I am not! I spend 1 hour to create my gigs


You need contact with the Fiverr Support, we can’t help you with technical problems.


I contact fiverr support. Their is no replay! I think result will be zero!


They’re the only ones who can help you. We’re just sellers and buyers.

Also, you need to be patient. The last time I checked, their response time was 24-48 hours.


They take a few hours and in some case one or two days - depends your level. Be patient.


Be Patience and there will BE replay!


OP just sit back & relax. Also, any correspondences you initiate with Customer Support.
Present your case in a respectful & articulate manner.


In other words…


Houston, we have a problem.


*** This is Houston. Copy ***
What is the problem?>>> Over


Try to contact fiverr through facebook page