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What is fiverr pro?


I want to know about its advantages and disadvantages. What happene if didn’t take this.Thank you!


I have no idea what it is since I never heard of it. Can you tell us where you saw it?


What is this Fiverr promo or you mean Fiverr pro, and I agree with @misscrystal , please Can you tell us where you saw it?


@ misscrystal I think he is talking about Fiverr Pro :slight_smile:


sorry all it will be pro


Any seller cannot simply take the PRO badge :wink: As Top Rated badge Fiverr Pro are hand picked by Fiverr Stuffs. Recently there were a lot of discussions held on the forum. If you used Fiverr search you would find a lot of interesting discussions.
For now, you can check here


Thank you very much for your helpful information.


Thank you very much for the helpful information.