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What is fiverr warning?

Hello, everyone I am a new seller on fiverr. I want to know fiverr warning. Anyone can explain.


Warning is a warning. You receive a warning when you break rules.
You can break rules only 3 times or 2 times the same rule and after that your account will be permanently banned.


I’m not sure where everyone gets their confidence from that they can break rules thrice if different terms violations, or twice if the same violation, however, I’d like to add that, personally, my reading of the ToS makes me think that it’s very possible that it can be “Game Over” even after just one violation, depending.

Just something to keep in mind. Don’t do really bad things even once, just to be safe, you know.


if you break down any of the rules of Fiverr then you would be warned, and if you break same rules at two or more times than your account will be permanently banned.