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What is Fiverr Watermark


Adding a Watermark to Protect Your Work
When you deliver your Gig, your buyer will see a watermark on the image preview until they accept and complete the order. Your original image will not be available for the buyer to download until after the order is marked as complete by the buyer.


Maybe your next post should be about another little known Fiverr feature: packages.


I´m voting for “Gig” though, people regularly ask what that is.


I see a video series, easy.

There’s a lot of ground to cover.

(Why do people take time out of their day to post nonsense?)


I’m voting for “gig description”

I copied my description from TRS but no order, help.


Holy smokes, please be joking, like we are.


Lol, I am. :smile: ( 20 characters)


Phew, good one! You got me there.


Good, your suggestion is too complex for this series anyway. :wink:


Haha, we are waiting for a topic about that. :slight_smile: