What is Fiverr's automatic completion purpose?


Hi, I just want to know about Fiverr automatic completion feature purpose. On other design platforms, after 5 days of automatic completion, buyers can not force sellers to do any more work, and sellers can earn money 3-5 days later. But at Fiverr, after 3 days of automatic completion, buyers can still request any revisions, even up to 30 days later (If I’m not mistaken). Even they can ask for a cancellation. So, what is Fiverr automatic completion purpose?


Yep - you’re right with all that.

All it seems to do in practical terms is to start off the payment process to the seller, so they’ll be able to withdraw after a further 7/14 days.


Hi @offlinehelpers Thank you for sharing your answer. I mean here is : What is the purposes of Fiverr automation completion if the buyer still can ask revision or a cancellation? I mean, it is stated with complete. I mean how can it’s called complete if a buyer still can ask for revision or a cancellation.


I don’t know - you’d need to ask CS! :slightly_smiling_face:

Buyers can ask for revisions for months or even years after the order’s completed. They can do a PayPal chargeback up to 180 days after they’ve paid.

Much of it makes little sense, all we can do is deal with it, as best we can. :sunny:


The one thing I’ve found the auto-completion useful for is when buyers don’t check Fiverr on a daily basis. I’ve had cases where people have made sure I can do something, ordered the gig/accepted my custom offer, filled in the requirements, and then disappeared into thin air. I haven’t been here long enough to experience late revision requests or PayPal chargebacks, but so far, the buyers who haven’t accepted the order before the automatic completion happens haven’t tried to raise any problems at a later date.


The seller can always say no.