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Hi Fiverrian
Today i make some search using fiverr search bar, and find a new badge called “FIVERR’S CHOICE”.
Please check the attached.Fiverr - Search Results for 'logo design'

My GIG is a Fiverr's Choice
What is Fiverr choice

I searched and found that gig but it does not say Fiverr’s Choice…


Maybe they will start adding those badges instead of the featured badge.


Just searched it up and it says Fiverr’s Choice for me as well. Maybe they’re testing something out…?


I just performed my weekly search for my keywords to see where I rank, and I noticed one of my gigs got that badge.

But contrary to previously featured gigs, I did not receive a Fiverr email making it official or explaining what this badge means.


Two of my gigs have that badge. I don’t see the previous “featured” badge anywhere. Maybe they just changed what they call it?


Weird, I don’t see it on any of your gigs.

I wonder if it has to do with location.


Wow :slight_smile: this badge looks something great :smiley:
And having desire for this now :smiley: haha



I found it, and 5 others with that badge on the first page of my results for ‘sports logo mascot’.
I was wondering if it has to do anything with the NY Yankees thing.

Maybe only some of us can see it yet, like with the ‘average price’?

I looked at Frank’s gigs to see if I can see it there too, but couldn´t.
searched for ‘animated explainer video’ then, can see a couple of ‘Fiverr’s choice’ gigs there too, it won´t show, though, when clicking on the sellers’ profile, can see it only in the search results.


Hey Gina! Thanks for the reply!

Can you please search for “app promo video”?

Can you see it on other gigs? (Under any category)


I can see your gig with that new label there.


Thank you for confirming @miiila

So maybe it’s an A/B testing thing?


Maybe. I can´t see any in my own category, looking at a few others now.

I looked at a few categories and searched with keywords that made sense to me from looking at the gigs, but didn´t find any others, so it seems there aren´t too many yet or you need to hit specific search terms to get them. For the search ‘sports logo mascot’ I saw 6, randomly over the 1st page, there it stopped, for ‘app promo video’ I saw 5, spread over the 1st page, 1 on the 2nd page.


try to keep searching with another keyword.


Nah, by the time I figure it out Fiverr will have changed it to something else anyway :smiley:


Thanks for sharing this :smiley: sorry i cant recognize you first time. :slight_smile:


Nope. I went through 5 pages, none have it.

I wonder if it’s a beta test to see if people will buy based on trust factor; as in how may people trust 5r and buy based on their recommendation.


I´ve seen them on gigs from TRS and level 2 sellers, BTW.


Just saw that one of my gigs has the badge. It’s cool, but I guess what’s the point if you can’t filter or anything? lol.

Also wondering if it has to down with the frequency of orders or something and it means that Fiverr buyers recommend working with this seller? I’m curious to see how this pans out :slight_smile:


I saw this also on my Gig today, nice to see it there but would have liked an explanation, what it is, what benefits do we have by having it there etc. :confused: ?


I have seen the badge in “presentation designs” category as well… The badge ONLY appears on gigs on the search pages. When you open a gig with the badge, there is nothing new or anything that explicitly highlight the gig as “Fiverr’s Choice”.
Looks like, Fiverr did not duly announce this feature yet.

I checked one of my friend’s gig in “fix wordpress” category and found that his gig got this badge. I told him and he searched on his laptop with same keywords and showed me that the SAME gig does NOT have the badge. So, If the search results are different for everyone. I may see the badge on a gig but if another guy find the gig, it may not have the badge. Interesting :slight_smile: