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What is Fun & Lifesyle -> Online Lessons ? :)

Would someone explain what type of work can one offer / create a gig for in Fun & Lifesyle -> Online Lessons. What kind of online lessons, related to education and learning / teaching, can we offer to buyers and create a gig for?! And how to deliver the online lessons, i mean can we use skype or so?! I am an undergraduate student of Computer Science and my fields of expertise are: Programing / Coding, English Grammar, Mathematics. And I can deliver online lessons, being restricted to the fiverr-rules, to students feeling any problems in understanding some topic(s) of the respective fields. Thank you! :slight_smile:

:thinking: hmm… I think that through forms in pdf?
where each person fills an exam and then you qualify that exam? :thinking:

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Sounds interesting…
Can you elaborate it a bit more?! :):face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A form with questions… Where the student first will have to learn the basic theories of that area… :thinking::man_student::grinning:

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a tutorial (codes,mathemathic,etc) + a form with questions too (where the student will be evaluated) :thinking:

It’s a good idea, but that’d become totally a descriptive way. I mean mutual collaboration helps a student more than by delivering descriptive lectures in the form of PDFs and PPTs :man_teacher:t3:


Now, that sounds better :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your help; I think it would take some time to come up with an idea, a new one!

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