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What is Funding Clearance?


It is my first time to get get an order (yey) but I am just confused what is funding clearance? I just finished the orders and it says that it funding clearance would take 6 days :frowning:

Please enlighten me :confused:


Sorry I mean fund clearance.


I’m not quite sure why Fiverr do this, but all the funds you earn from gigs will have a “clearance” time. If yours is only 6 days be happy. Mine is 2 weeks! Perhaps someone else can elaborate on why this is. It’s definitely annoying, but it’s always been this way to my knowledge.


I am just curious why it takes so much time. Mine is also 2 weeks I just got it all mixed up. Trying to figure out everything about Fiverr yet. Good thing is that we have earnings :slight_smile:


It may be to let the buyer decide if they’re truly happy with the work, but I’m not sure. It’s definitely annoying though! Especially if you work solely off freelancing like I do - I kind of have to plan all my Fiverr work to coincide with my next months bills in order to make sure I’m not short! Good thing I have clients off Fiverr as well, haha!


Happy for you :slight_smile: At least you have clients outside. I am a new freelancer so Fiverr is giving me a lot of opportunity. I plan to make this full time so I hope things will improve. :smiley:

Thank you so much for replying :slight_smile:


Anytime! It took me awhile to get clients outside fiverr. Overall it took about a year to get my freelancing career to a point it makes me decent money! Good luck with yours! :smiley: