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What is Funds pending clearance?


I am finding “Funds pending clearance” even when gigs are delivered.Kindly help.


The funds will be cleared after 14 days, unless the customer files a dispute.


Go to “Selling”

  • “Revenues”

This will give you the clearance dates of gigs. Wait 14 days as stated above and check on the 15th day to see the available funds for a particular gig.


When all else fails, read the directions: Fiverr Terms of Service.


It is 14days for new seller, level 1 and 2. Only TRS can withdraw after 7 days.


Basically, fiverr’s system takes a while to process the money you make from sales - in this case, 14 days. I don’t know exactly why, must be something to do with their accounting, local regulations, or simply the money processing system they use. In any case, after 14 days from order completion you can withdraw your funds to your paypal account.


The 14 days is because the customer can ask for a refund through Fiverr for 14 days after completion of the order


It has to do with the fact that a customer can ask for refund within the 14 days. I like the system because it gives the customer protection against scam.