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What is gig description?

If I asked you to tell me what a gig description is, you’ll likely tell me that gig description is the long text that explains your service and provides more information for prospective buyers. Well, that’s not a bad answer. However, you need to understand something important about gig description.

It tells the prospects what the gig is all about.
It tells the prospects your scope of delivering the order, and
The benefits that you offer to your clients.
Considering these three important things, you then need to think about how you’ve been writing your gig description and see if it addresses the points highlighted above.

As you already know, gig description is not about writing stories. It should be brief and straightforward. A gig description with bulleted points usually captures more attention than those with bulky sentences.

Of course, the reason is pretty simple, as we already know that most people prefer to read the points than the whole text.


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