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What is gig impression? if impression is high it's effective to getting order?

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I am sujon kumar dey. Still now I am in fiverr like 22 days. But I not understand what is gig impression. Anyone can tell me it with detail?
Please answer my following question!

  1. What is gig impression?
  2. Why fiverr bring gig impression?
    3 If gig impression high or low it’s effective to getting order?
  3. How I increase my gig impression?
  4. Why gig impression is automatically changed?
  5. Why it’s automatically slowdown?

Advance Thanks. Feel free to post your comment. I love all fiverr people. Please share your experience.


Gig impression is When people browse gig just see your gig not click is called gig impression. when gig impression rises up that time you have a great chance to get the order. But people didn’t click gig impression is valueless. gig impression count average one month.


thanks for comment. :slight_smile: I understand

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Ill try to be direct.

  1. gig impression is how many times your gig cover was viewed by someone at fiverr marketplace.
  2. it’s to give an idea how your gig is performing at the marketplace.
    3.1. No, it doesnt affect. it’s just a consequence. Much probably if you gig is being on top of ranking/search, it will have more impressions. BUT if you gig was on top was because it was already having more orders than your competitors.
    3.2. You cant. Like I said, it’s a consequence of your performance. Good work = better ratings = (probably) more orders (due a good reputation) = better ranking = more impressions.

4 . Because like I said before, it’s a consequence of how your gig is performing at the marketplace. So it changes accordingly people research your and similar gigs at the marketplace.

  1. It doesn’t automatically slow down. It may go up or down.

how can I improve my gig impression without order/review ?

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Like I said, you can’t.

fiverr is based on reputation.

I’ll repeat: Good work = better ratings = (probably) more orders (due a good reputation) = better ranking = more impressions.

OR, if you gig have the luck to be randomly drafted to the top of the search/ranking as it’s happening since 2 weeks. But it’s lucky, nothing you can do about it.

if you want raise your impressions, do a good work and you will (hopefully) get on the top. you wont get to the top in a single week or month. I took me a couple of years to get there and suddenly fiverr algorithm drag me down about 60 positions, making me lose many impressions.

SO, do a good work and be patient are the only things I can suggest you.


many many thanks for your recommend . :slight_smile:

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