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What is gig impression, view and click mean?

Can anyone please explain that what is gig impression, view and click? Need clarification. Thank you.


When somebody search any thing through fiverr “search engine” or via “category”, it shows 48 gigs at once (except the person clicked “load more” button at the bottom) and all the 48 gigs (or more if he/she clicked on “load more” button) that showed received one impression. If the person refreshed the page again then the showed gigs received an impression, if any one that showed before show again, that is another impression to it, and so on. Then if your gig is among the showed ones that is when your impression counts.

Clicks count when somebody clicks on your gigs (i.e your gig’s title) from fiverr “search engine” results or a search result via “category”, and get to your gig’s page. In other word, if somebody search for a particular “keyword” or search via “category”, people’s gigs will impress (show) and if he/she click on any gig from the searched result (i.e impressed gigs) that gig he/she clicked on will receive a click. If is your gig, your gig clicks counts.

Views is when your gig received a click from outside fiverr “Search engine” result and a search via “category”. In other word, lets assume that when your gigs impressed (shown) to people and instead of clicking on your gig’s “title” straight, he/she clicked on your ‘user name’ and from your ‘user name’ then clicked on your “title” and get to your gig, because he/she did not go to your gig straight from when it impressed rather he/she get to your gig through your “user name”, it will count as “Views” and not “clicks”, again if you run an “external advertisement” or “back-links” that brought visits to your gig’s page, it counts also as “Views” and not “Clicks”.

Have it in mind that all these reset and start afresh after 30days.

I hope these explanation helps. If you still have questions you can ask here but if I didn’t answer in time just contact me via message with my user name.

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Thank you so much. Do you have any reference about your information?

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I just tell you how it work, my reference is my knowledge of knowing this, lol !


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