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What is gig impressions

I don’t know what gig impressions are. Can you please tell me what is impressions of gigs?


From the Fiverr Seller Help Center:

" IMPRESSIONS: These are impressions from Fiverr, or the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails (i.e., on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page)."

Basically, it is the number of times users have seen your gig thumbnail throughout the site.

Please read through the Fiverr Seller Help Center to get answers to many other questions:

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To be honest, Impressions is not accurate and i think it’s kinda of useless.

For example. I can be scrolling through website and without seeing the gig, just only 1-3 gigs. Then the system will calculate that I seem all the gigs

Of course, it is not useless. It is valuable to know how many times your gig is shown to users and how many clicks you gain from those impressions. You can use this information to analyze if your gig thumbnail, starting price, or headline should be improved to increase your conversion of impressions into clicks.

Yes, some users may quickly scroll through a page, but they still had the chance to stop and look at your gig. They did not; hence, your gig thumbnails, starting prices, or headlines were not attractive enough to make them stop and click. That is valuable information.


so how the system determines whether the buyer is seeing the gig, rather than looking at somewhere else?

A system like this can’t determine that. To be honest, I am happy that Fiverr cannot detect what our eyes are looking at yet.

I don’t really get what the issue is here. This is how impressions are calculated all over the internet. I would rather have this measurement be available with a tiny flaw (which I don’t believe to be a flaw, but whatever) than having no access to this kind of data.


There is no issue, because since ppl brought this up, mind as well as some experience ppl :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the valuable information.


If fiverr showed your gig on the page that buyer was checking it already counts as an impression. And it is not fiverr’s business Wether or not your gig picture was attractive enough or not to catch the attention of your buyer or not :woman_shrugging:


Hey man, your all answers were awesome. I find it very helpful to me. Thanks a lot.


thank you so much for the explanation.

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