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What is Gig Marketing ? and Why this is important?

I want to know what is gig marketing? How is this work? Why this is important?


It’s not a gig marketing, it’s marketing in general.
As any marketing is important to build your brand and grow it.
No one will be able to tel you how proper marketing done in one forum post.
You have only 6 min read time so you can start from investing your time bro your success from read at least reading this forum. Or there are a lot free info about marketing in google.


“Marketing is how to deliver your value to someone who wants that value to solve problem.”


Like @mariashtelle1 said, it’s marketing in general, and this encompasses all aspects for your gig -

  • High quality gig video/image
  • powerful description
  • using FAQ
  • Proper english
  • Clearly defined packages/deliverables
  • pricing

Hope this helps

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Obviously important,because you want to fiverr gigs is rank so must be needed marking in social media,it’s marking helpful you order in fiverr SO it’s very important

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