What is gig metadata?


Saw it on sellers.fiverr.com, I don’t understand yet. Somebody please clarify



This is what Fiverr’s “Glossary of Terms” has to say about gig metadata:

I think it just refers to appropriate keywords that prospective buyers may use when searching for a gig like the one you offer.


I’ve read that and just after that posted this question. I have never seen gig metadata while creating gigs


hmm… when I go over to the section where I can edit my gig, I can see a field asking for gig metadata. You don’t see it? That’s strange… I am not sure. :thinking:


What is your niche and category and subcategory?


writing & translation > proofreading & editing


I create websites, landing pages etc.

Solved!! Another olpage on sellers.fiverr.com says gig metadata is not available for all categorues and subcategories


I learned something new today :slight_smile: Thanks.